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     Juggernaut Cargo Bikes was founded in Denver, Colorado and was born from our experiences in urban planning, architecture and design.  These influences come together to create a handcrafted and precision-engineered product that is practical, effective, and beautiful. We are passionate about biking, mobility and changing the way people and businesses think about transportation.  

     Inspired by European cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam, we believe that cargo bikes can be as common-place and practical as the automobile, and we are ready to take on the challenge of being first-to-market in the US with a 3-wheeled, e-assist, front-load cargo bike.

     More than a cargo bike company, Juggernaut is a mobility company that advocates for cycling infrastructure and regional connectivity.  Part of our role in advocacy is to build awareness of the need for inter-neighborhood pathways, city-wide bike lanes, and last mile delivery solutions for small business and corporations to reduce congestion and overcrowding in the urban core.  Juggernaut knows that cities need easy-to-navigate, connected and safe pathways to promote biking and we are encouraged by the progress that we see happening in our own city and throughout the US.

Why an Elephant?

Elephants embody many of the same qualities as a Juggernaut cargo bike—smart, agile but strong, and built to last.  Throughout history, elephants have been used to transport humans and cargo in Asia and Africa. We feel the elephant is relatable and approachable, and epitomizes the most positive qualities of our cargo bikes.

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