Juggernaut Cargo Bikes

A Classic Solution for a Modern World

The Mission

Reinventing the way people and products move through built environments.


More than a bike company, we are working hard to change the way Americans see mobility.  We advocate for better bike lanes, improved urban infrastructure, and policy changes on the local, state and federal level that affect the way people and goods move.


Congestion and pollution is real.  We believe that a cargo bike that is easy to use, quick, and reliable is environmentally conscious and saves money on gas, insurance and parking.  This is great for the bottom line whether you’re a company doing last-mile delivery, or an individual commuting to work. 


Using a cargo bike is a lifestyle choice that reflects a desire to do better for yourself and the community.  Handcrafted, precision-engineered and made in Colorado, Juggernaut Cargo Bikes are a unique, eye-catching, attention-getting statement.


Our latest and greatest.  Unparalleled, high-quality craftsmanship that is designed, engineered and hand-built right here in Colorado.  Redesigned and refined to get the job done with electric-assist, a tighter turning radius, and a ground-breaking Gates Carbon Drive steering system.

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